Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ben Kills Harriet the Thanksgiving Turkey


Anonymous said...

more power to you, Ben. I couldn;t evem kill a chicken when we lived in Atlanta, Remember I had our landlord kill it and I had to make him an apple cherry pie. However, I didn;t roll the crust on the floor. Love you much.

Holly & Ben Porter said...

Good job grandma! Congratulations on your first blog posting! Thanks for the encouragement. We were really happy to see a comment from you and impressed that our grandma is a "blogger!" WE LOVE YOU LOTS! Ben & Holly

Anonymous said...

Holly and Ben,
I hope you had a great thanksgiving and have a wonderful christmas. I am so happy that you have moved to Africa to help the less fortunate. If I could I would live there to help others just like you are. I wish that you both have fun on Christmas and have a happy new year.

I am so happy I have cousins that have such huge hearts.

Your cousin,