Tuesday, September 12, 2006

8 years younger on my birthday

Being with Tina makes me feel 8 years younger. It’s fantastic, because I think I’m going through a quarter life crisis, so having her here gives me the freedom to indulge my desire for independence, adventure, and abandon. Since she came I haven’t been taking life or myself so seriously. I’m even behaving less responsibly. I’m sure everyone around me is happy that I have actually matured during the last 8 years, and that this is indeed atypical, but allow me just a few weeks of regression—I’m having fun.

We’ve been sucking the marrow out of life. Last night we went to a friends house for the evening and it started raining on the drive home. As soon as we go to our gate and opened the car door the rain intensified threefold and we were drenched as we dashed to the door and fumbled with the wet keys and lock in the dark. We just giggled, and Tina said, “I think God did it on purpose. He always does that. He thinks it’s funny.” I’d never imagined God in that way, waiting for me to open my car door and then laughing hysterically while He dumped extra water over my head.

Last weekend we took a sister adventure down to Jinja. I can’t write all about it, because there are some things that are just meant to stay between sisters.

Tina jumped 44 meters from a cliff above the Nile, “Nile High Bungee” dipped her to her chest into the water, she jumped with no fear and a scream that sounded more like laughter.

Yesterday we hiked up Ngetta hill. We sat on the massive boulder on the top and talked about life, theology, love and pain and watched clouds pass over the town that is my home. It's remarkable how alike we are. It is a rare blessing to be able to naturally connect to another person with so little effort, with so much understanding and with so much joy.


JT said...

Happy birthday! Happy anniversary too! I can't believe I forgot.

I'm glad you and Tina are having so much fun. It's good that you can find joy in the midst of chaos.

love, Jessie

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! I miss you. Mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance. Jude 2

- Lindsey ^_^

Holly & Ben Porter said...

Thanks you two!

Jessie, do you recognize the hat? I love it btw, and it keeps the sun off my already baked face. Thanks!

Kate said...

I almost died in Jinga, yet I have some of the greatest memories about living from that time of my life and that particular place.
Holly, you are a joy to behold. Many blessing for your birthday, and may the rain keep falling harder as you exit cars.


JT said...

I do recognize the hat :). I had an identical one that I bought when I bought you that one, but it's been abandoned in central America someplace. I'm glad you're enjoying yours!

Have you gotten my emails? They're urgent... not to nag, but they are...

love Jessie

Kimbal and Kellen said...

are you sure you aren't twins...you both are beautiful...

OlgafromBaku said...

Holly, Happy Birthday to you dear!
And Happy Anniversary!
I am sorry it took it a while to post the message to you!
I am feeling so proud of you while reading your posts on this blog. That makes me so inspired and encouraged. I am in the UK now, doing MA in International Politics and Security Studies at the University of Bradford. I had the first lecture yesterday; it is all very exciting!
I am glad to hear that you and Tina had a great time!
God Bless you and Ben for all the work you are doing in Uganda.

my email is olga709@yahoo.com
Please drop me a line when you can

Nickie said...

Holly, I can't believe I forgot your birthday! I'm sorry. I'm glad you were having such a good time though. Wish I was there with you. Blessings,