Saturday, May 12, 2007

Labor Day Football (by Ben)

Hi Friends,
We spend a lot of time doing our routine work in the office, but when we break away, it's fun share with all of you. On labor day, Holly and I traveled to Gulu for a Bi-annual football tournament. Several NGO's spend months training to win the tournament. This year, CPA was geared up and ready to defeat the returning champion, CARITAS.

Training and playing football keeps a lot of us balanced. Adrenaline and endorphins flood into our bloodstream and give us natural highs, as stresses from the office fade away. We were defeated again this year. 0-1. It was a good game and we're already looking forward to the rematch in October!


(Our "football mothers". Members of CPA's board who came to support our team)

Next week we're both out of town conducting a training in "Peacebuilding: Theories of Non-violence and Community Reconciliation". We hope to keep you posted.


Jennie said...

Hey Ben & Holly,
I've been thinking & praying for you today! Thanks for the update & pictures!

Shannon said...

At least it looks like you put up a good showing, unlike Team University of Denver playing in Azerbaijan against a bunch of kids. To be fair, those kids were really good...and we didn't have all year to train.

I love to read your updates and am glad that you are both doing well, and doing good as well (as always).

Love from Shannon