Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cause for Celebration

by Ben

Holly and I want to share the joy and success of CPA with all of our friends and family over a significant accomplishment. A few months ago the European Union put out a call for proposals entitled "Northern Uganda Rehabilitation Programme". 90 applicants went through the laborious process of applying, with only 8 organizations to recieve the award. CPA was one of those 8, and the only local organization working in Northern Uganda to recieve funding! It was a cause for celebration, a moment that we could take a breath and say "job well done" to ourselves and the entire CPA staff. This funding accounts for a large portion of our three year plan. Now we're gearing up for the challenge and are ready to give this programme our full effort.

(Here is Holly, Betty, and Sylvia on the evening of the MOU signing)

(CPA's chairperson and mother, Angelina, congratulating her children)


Josh said...

Horray! I can see the smiles abounding! Congratulations you guys I remember hearing about the late nights for that proposal. Celebrating here too. I know this is huge!
P.S. Package was sent off to you both about 2 weeks ago that'll be a time of celebration too:)

Ben said...

Thanks Josh. We're really looking forward to that package... Hope all is well with both of you. We miss you and love you tons.

Jessie said...

Congratulations! I know how hard you all worked on this! I'm so proud of you and CPA!