Sunday, September 02, 2007


by Ben

I was trying to relax one Saturday afternoon, when I realized I felt to hot to get up and do anything...except cool off in some water. While I would love to dig a pool in my back yard, that project seemed to extreme. Then it came to me, Slip N Slide!

I didn't know it was going to be so popular with the neighbor kids. I stopped off at the neighbor's house and asked the kids if they wanted to play, and if so, to go and finds some friends. Five minutes later 40 children showed up at our gate.

I invented a make-shift Slip N Slide until Josh and Erin sent us a genuine WHAM-O one (Thanks you guys!) It is such a blast to share a piece of my childhood with all the kids here (It's actually a good excuse to act like a boy again myself:)

At this point, I'm not sure how we're going to slow down the Slip N Slide momentum at our house. Kids come at all times of the day (including sun-up and sun-down) to ask if they can "Sleep and Slide". I come across children several Kilometers away from our house who ask "Ben, when can we come play...make sure Ogiko is on his chain"

Today we had our friend Godfrey and his family over. It has been nice to share life outside of the office with him.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE it! you two are amazing. when can we come over and "sleep & slide"? and i love that the kids actually asked you to put Ogikio on his chain. Gotta love that dog! Have an incredible day friends!


bmdavis said...

Awesome. Keep missing it on Sundays, but it's totally sweet. Don't stop doing it.

Josh said...

Ya Bro !
Looks like a blast.

Nickie, Anthony, Samuel, and ??? said...

I LOVE IT!!! How fun! I want to play too... but with my big prego belly, I think it's a no go for now. We'll have to wait.


Ashley said...

Hi there Ben and Holly!

You don't know me - I got to your blog through Marika and Dales' (people I went to Fuller with) so I have been checking in and reading updates for a couple of months from both you guys and them.

Crazy story - ready? My husband and I have been talking with MCC among some other organizations about going to Northern Uganda for anywhere between 3 and 5 years (hopefully starting in summer of '09).

Soooo, yesterday Scott (my husband) and I met up with some friends for dinner and we sat next to this guy who we very quickly found out has recently returned from Lira. Both Scott and I were freaking out and asking him all kinds of questions and he knows you two! His name is Matt (from Samaritan's Purse - SP). He started laughing and saying how great MCC was and how much he appreciated the two of you.

He then started telling us what you two were doing there and my Scott started drooling when Matt talked about what Ben is doing. My husband is on social mental health. He is about one month away from being licensed and has such a desire to do his work there in Uganda.

Well, all that to say, I was wondering if I could get your emails because Scott and I are planning to take a trip next March to Uganda to check out some of the different org's. We would love to hook up with you guys for a day or so when we make the trip. Just a thought - let us know.

My email is Bless you guys!

Holly & Ben Porter said...

Kellen, do I really have to love ogiko? He just uprooted and chewed yet another of my favotite flowers. It was one with fuzzy leaves too. I love fuzzy leaves...

Brian, we expect you here next time :)

Josh--thanks again!

Nickie, you and I could sit on the side and watch so you can rest your cute belly and your adorable son can slide.

Ashley, wow, that's so wild. If you see Matt again give him big hugs from me and Ben. Please feel free to email--we got interested in MCC through some acquaintances who we became friends with because they were freinds of freinds and we also drooled over what they were doing, got intrigued and moved here--so maybe history will repat itself. is me and ben is

shannon mccloskey said...

hey guys, i met you once in Lira, i was with a group of students from california, a guy named jonathan, we started an orphanage called Obangatek. Anyways, all i could remember were your names, but ever since that night we drank tea at your house, I've developed a passion for helping child war victims through music and art/play therapy. i'm planning a (longer) trip to Gulu in the spring and would love to learn more about what you guys do. please email me when you have the opportunity. thank you!