Saturday, January 12, 2008

Meet Jelly Belly

For my birthday, Holly gave me a ticket for "one young, good-lookin' cow" (just what I wanted). Today I woke up very early and went to the cattle market and waded through thousands of cows and people to find Jelly, my new cow! She is one and a half years old, weighs about 200 pounds, eats a ton, and has a nice loud voice.
Ogiko and Jelly are still working out their relationship. (Jelly has kicked Ogiko in the head several times, and he hasn't seemed to learn the lesson.)


jared mackey said...


Congratulations on your first cow. good to hear of your time here in the States and your safe return.

How is the climate there in Gulu with the continued troubles in Kenya?

Prayers and thoughts with you and Holly often.

Grace and peace.


Ben said...

Hi Jared,
Violence continues to rock Kenya. The animosity between the Kikuyu and Luo runs deep. We hope that justice prevails and that this becomes an opportunity for more understanding and compassion between the groups. Interesting, Obama's father was a Luo from Kenya (the opposition party in Kenya). Perhaps the US will have a Luo President before Kenya...
The conflict has effected our petrol prices (at one point it was about 30 USD/gallon, but is now back down to about 7 USD/gallon).
Thanks for keeping in touch with us. We hope you are well-please convey our greetings to folks we know at TNL.
Grace and Peace,