Friday, January 15, 2010

Who says truth is stranger than witty satire?

Oh yes, that was me (Holly)—inspired by the headlines “Christmas Bull Kills Butcher” and “Buried Girl Survives Death” which appeared in the Monitor recently.

But the Onion has given the Monitor’s “Truth Every Day” a run for their money with this one.

Congo Approves Economic Stimulus Package Of AK-47 For Every Citizen


Jim Peterson said...

ok, so is it real or is it memorex? Is this fact or fiction? Satire or serious? ...nothing in this world would surprise me anymore...

Holly and Ben Porter said...

Anything from the Onion (which, by the way, you really must read! you'd enjoy it! it's the only horosope I read :) would fall into the fiction or satirical category. With the Monitor...well, it's a bit more debatable--but it is mostly serious and at least someone's interpreation of facts that they may or may not meet rigorous journalistic standars.