Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life is like a deep hip opener (read: yoga analogy)

Right now, my life feels like that exquisite moment--when you've been trying to breathe and relax into a pose that is awkward and even hurts. You know it is creating space, that it will be filled with vital life force, but it's hard--and you've been in it so long you start to wonder if the instructor is daydreaming, or left the room or maybe you weren't listening carefully enough and you missed it when s/he moved on with the sequence. But then you hear a cue. After just one deep inhalation and exhalation you will step out of the pose. It's been painful and good for you, but it's almost over. and then you choose to surrender and make the last moment the fullest expression of the posture yet. and breathe.

That's where I am.

I wrote this last week. And then the moment was over. And this is what I was waiting for:


Jessie said...

Is that your daughter??? You so owe me an email update...

Soulistic Static said...

Beautiful girls. You look so happy. Open wide lovely lady, the journey of a lifetime has just begun. I send misty eyed congratulations from the bottom of my heart... I cant wait to meet your daughter. You have made room for such a fullness and she is here. Love looks so very good on you!