Saturday, December 31, 2005

Advent Longing

by Holly
This season would best be characterized by longing. My soul is longing for so many things. Some things selfish like less dust, cooler temperature, more flowers, others bigger and in some ways less attainable, peace in Northern Uganda for example. I read a passage during advent about how Anna, a prophetess who was in the temple when Jesus was brought there as a baby. She spoke to all in the temple who, like her, were longing for the redemption of Israel. Advent is a time of waiting, anticipation. A time when we all long for redemption from all this brokenness. I feel like that, like Anna, like those in the temple who listened to her, like all of the earth and creation that groans waiting for the fulfillment of promise, the coming of a Prince of Peace.

It’s good to be stripped of all that is usually Christmas to me. There is no winter. No presents to buy. No stress. No parties to attend. No services to plan. No family or friends to celebrate with. No consumerism. It’s good. Some of that, like the friends and family actually help me to be in a place of worship but it is truly a blessing to experience the day without any of those things and to note the difference. There is space in my life for a time of expectant wonder—waiting to celebrate the fulfillment of promise and the longing for redemption.

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