Saturday, December 17, 2005

Roasting Peanuts

Sandra lives with her family in a series of little huts. The family has adopted us. On the left is "Ayaa" the true matriarch of the family. We spent the afternoon trying about 20 different national dishes, playing witht he kids, and learning to roast peanuts on a charcoal stove.


Seth Kent said...

Hey you two! So great to meet the people you are with and see your faces!! China and I love you bunches and hope you have a great Christmas!

Dave M said...

Greetings from very cold St Paul, MN. J & T alerted me to the blog URL, thanks. Really excited about your being in Lira - learning Lango will be a trip. I've only been to Lira a couple of times, but the LRA (Alice Lakwena) was active even then. (1990?). My wife, Nan, will be in Mbale with students in May. I have a recent Master's student, Nursing, who will be in Mbale from 15 Jan 06 to the end of March (Jean K). Any chance she can come visit? Also, an Mbale contact for you is: Sam Sowita, M:MM. (077 989559). Sorry to e-mail this way, my first Blog visit.
Peace & Power.
Dave Muhovich

Ryan said...


You are so beautiful... I miss you so much!!! It brings tears to my eyes each time I get a picture of you in your African home. I miss you dear sister!

nickie said...

I was very happy to see your recent posts and to see that all is well. Last I'd heard, your landlord had backed out and you had no home! Looks like this one is nicer anyway, so it worked out for the best. The other day I ran across the ring you gave me with the two hands reaching toward eachother and the thumb and forfingers touching. I've been wearing it to remember to pray for you and Ben and for Uganda too. I recently read a really interesting article on the Intervarsity website about Christian Pasifism. I think a better name for it would be "active Christian love". Here is the link: Thought you might be interested. The author's arguments were had a theological and heady focus, but it was the heart of his argument that stuck with me. I was impressd by his conviction to follow Christ's example of love no matter what the cost. Something hard to talk about and much harder to do, but beautiful. Anyway, I am praying lots and lots for you guys, more for you than for Uganda ;) Love you both. Oh, by the way, Samuel ate his first solids on Christmas day! He was very excited about it too. I think he felt like a big boy with his little green spoon. I fed him from that little bowl I made that's yellow on the outside and purple grey on the inside and has pictures of wheat on it, you know the one. Miss you. Nickie