Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Easter BBQ

On Easter we went to visit other MCCers, Ben and Celesta and son Matthew in Hoima. It was beautiful and we enjoyed relaxing with them and in a totally different climate. The trees there are lush and jungly and they live surrounded by rolling hills--quite different from Lira. We spent the Saturday lounging by a an oasis in the middle of a sugar cane plantation. They have a pool and cold drinks and hot dogs. It felt very American--sort of. The highlight was inviting all their neighbor kids for their first Easter egg hunt ever. We then made deviled eggs. It is strange to try to explain our traditions to Ugandan friends. Celesta just told them that the eggs are called that because they tast so good it's almost sinful. The Bens and a friend BBQ 9 kilos of pork.


Omar Basawad said...

I was ih Hoima in 1971, just for a few hours! I loved the hills and the lush, forested valleys. Very much unlike the areas around Lira or Gulu.

Still, no place in Uganda is like Lira and Lango - for me!

Kimbal and Kellen said...

How I miss you both and love you nearly too much...I am now literally counting the days!!! I love you both...(my mind wanders to Norrie last summer, I long to see what our memories will be in our futures. My prayer is that they are near and frequent!) I love seeing you in pictures there...smiles in the office are always a good thing!